Halloween is in full swing here on the Internetz, and our darling website is no exception. Between the Halloween shop, hundreds of costumes and all sorts of party ideas, it’s no secret that this holiday is one of our favorites. But, it’s Friday and it’s time to turn our attention to the random, the absurd, and the genius.

1. Odyssia the Unicorn Light ($1,875): That’s right. A unicorn light exists and is officially a collector’s item. Lisa Frank should probably own this.

2. Hedgehog Pencil Holder ($32): Okay, this might be the cutest pencil holder we’ve ever seen. If only there was a porcupine paper organizer to go alongside it!

3. 18-Foot-Long Sea Creature: Ready to be even more scared of the ocean? This 18-foot-long oarfish was just found off the coast of Southern California and swimmers will be forever changed.

4. Witch Don’t Kill My Vibe ($79): Kendrick Lamar’s iconic track gets a Halloween remix in the form of this tee.

5. Literal Cat Eye Makeup: Wait, what? Yes. It’s real, and there’s a ball of yarn involved.

6. Various Keytags: This cheeky set of keytags is sure to have just what you need to keep your keys in order.

7. Pumpkin Tap Kit ($30): This seems to be making the rounds in the blogosphere this week, but begs the question. Remember when we tapped a watermelon? ;)

8. Ostrich Pillow Light: Seriously? Another ostrich pillow? This one might actually be the most useful of the bunch. Doubling as a neck warmer, this “light” version of the Ostrich is ready for nap time, anytime.

9. The Goatee Shaving Template ($20): The ’90s called, they want their chin beards back!

10. Day of the Dead Teapot ($32): Tea time on Dias de los Muertos? No problem.

11. Creepy Cat Eye No-Carve Pumpkin: We’re all about no-carve pumpkins and this one just made our list of to-makes for next Halloween. The cat eyes would go perfectly with your new favorite makeup trend.

12. Catzilla ($37): And finally, catzilla!!! Lasers, cats, a galactic cityscape – what more do you need in a sweatshirt?

What’s the best or oddest thing you’ve seen online this week? Share links with us in the form or comments below.