Kanye West’s Shout-Out to Taylor Swift Was Actually Kind of… Sweet?
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Kanye West’s Shout-Out to Taylor Swift Was Actually Kind of… Sweet?

We’re not going to lie: We were beyond nervous for our girl Taylor Swift when it was announced that her nemesis, Kanye West, would have the stage for Four. Full. Minutes to do anything he wanted at this year’s VMAs. Giving him puh-LENTY of time to skewer the pop star in her absence after a nearly year-long beef (longer, if you go back to the feud’s origins at the 2009 VMAs, when Kanye so infamously ruined her big moment by jumping onstage to give a shout out to Beyoncé), it seemed like the perfect storm for disaster.

Walking onstage to THOSE lyrics — the ones that Taylor took such issue with — the sitch didn’t look good.

Sure enough, Kanye began his rant of a speech by addressing the video head on: “This is fame, bro!” he said. “We came over on the same boat, now we in the same bed.”

Yet when his musings inevitably turned to Taylor, it wasn’t the hate-filled rant we had anticipated… at all.

Instead, it was something of a… call for peace?

“People come up to me like, ‘That’s right, tell Taylor!’” he began. “I’m like bro, I love y’all!,” taking a dramatic pause before saying emphatically “THAT’S WHY I CALLED HER.”

Okay, so it wasn’t ALL sunshine and roses (that last part was a bit of a dig, to be sure), but it was over as quickly and painlessly as it began, with Kanye turning his focus to more important issues such as the recent violence in Chicago and musings on his own heroes before unveiling yet another new video on the world.

We know what you’re thinking: another (gulp!) video?

Yet this one, called “Fade,” also failed to bring the drama, bringing instead sick moves from a fellow singer/actress, Teyana Taylor.

We have to say: We’re rather impressed with your restraint, Kanye! Kudos for (finally!) taking the higher road and letting sleeping dogs lie.

Fingers crossed this opens the door for a makeup: Your move, Taylor.

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