Karlie Kloss’s New Hair Look Is Proving the Colored Hair Trend Is Here to Stay
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Karlie Kloss’s New Hair Look Is Proving the Colored Hair Trend Is Here to Stay

Usually, when we see dramatic hair trends, they come and go pretty quickly. 2016 had its fair share of hair trends, including the hard to maintain (but super cool to look at) stencil hair. But unlike the aforementioned stenciling, or the ubiquitous hair hearts that seemed to appear everywhere, one look isn’t going anywhere and in fact, is clearly still going strong, since supermodel Karlie Kloss is now rocking it: Supernatural hair color is here to stay.

Sharing a new photo on Instagram, the Victoria’s Secret model is sporting some ice blue dip dye that is absolutely to die for. The hue is both soft and vibrant, and while it’s not just the tips of her hair (as dip dye usually is), she still has her roots and bangs in her more natural-looking ruddy blonde color.

Karlie isn’t one to shy away from changing her hairstyle, but we’re hoping that she continues to rock the icy blue look for a while. 2017 should be about embracing what makes us happy, and what could be more joyful than seeing a shock of bright hair every time you look in the mirror?

While some people might be afraid of a color like Karlie’s icy blue, wondering how to match their wardrobe to their hair, we think that rainbow hair goes with absolutely everything, and we may finally consider jumping aboard this hair trend to bring some brightness to the winter.

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(Photo via Alo Ceballos/Getty)