This Is the Surprise Celebrity Hair Trend of the Week
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This Is the Surprise Celebrity Hair Trend of the Week

Bangs seem to be the latest trend in celeb hair tweaks — three famous ladies stepped out over the weekend rocking fresh ‘dos courtesy of their new face framers. Kate Middleton, Lady Gaga and Taraji P. Henson were seen sporting freshly-cut bangs that made us do a double-take; the new fringe make them look so different than what we’re used to seeing, and proved that only a slight snip can make such a massive change.

Baby bangs are one of the boldest bang looks one can opt for — they’re super short, cut bluntly and worn straight across the forehead (no wispy hairs or side-swept styles here). The style on Lady Gaga and Taraji P. Henderson gave their hair a pretty-edgy touch and a high-fashion feel perfect for this time of year (New York Fashion Week, people!). Swooning over the rocker-meets-pin-up-girl vibes like we are? Just remember, there’s no going back for a while since you’ll have to grow them out considerably before they’re anything other than baby bangs, so you must be *really* committed before you make the snip!

Kate Middleton went for a more subtle route with her latest ‘do: wispy, eyebrow-grazing bangs that aren’t just a great fit with her effortlessly lady-like style, but are also super on trend thanks to that sweeping ’70s-era stlye.

Vanity Fair reported that Kate and her bangs made their debut in Scotland, quickly invoking worldwide bang envy (now officially a thing) with her swoopy face framers that add some dimension and shape to her already gorgeous face.

Moral of the story is any style of bangs — long, short, wispy, blunt — is a sure way to transform your look.

What do you think of these celebs’ new looks? Are you a fan of baby bangs? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

(Photos via @ladygaga + Jamie McCarthy/Chris Jackson/Getty)