Bangs. Sure, they might just seem like fringes of hair that sweep across your forehead, but they are so much more than that! The shape of your bangs can give a totally new look to your appearance. You want to draw attention to that gorgeous head of yours, right? If your answer is yes, read up on these 20 celeb bang styles that will make heads turn!

1. Wispy: We love these wispy bangs on RiRi! Wispy bangs are great for achieving the beachy look. P.S. They look just fab when left to air dry. (via WonderWall)

2. Side-Swept: This style is perfect for anyone who is a bangs newbie. Pair with a deep side part and you are ready to go. (via Redbook)

3. Piecey: Miss Zooey Deschanel is known best for her beautiful bangs. So it is easy to see why we are obsessed with her piecey fringe. (via POPSUGAR)

4. Fringy: Hair icon, Nicole Ritchie, always seems to have it right when it comes to her bang style. The fringy bang gives your hair the perfect amount of edge and sophistication. (via Allure)

5. Blunt: It’s hard not to want to blunt your bangs after seeing this picture. Blunt bangs are bold, so be ready to make a bangin’ statement! (via Teen Vogue)

6. Pixie: All of you pixie chicks listen up! No matter how short your hair is, you can still rock a set of sexy bangs! (via About Beauty)

7. Colorful: Spice up your bangs by adding slices of pastel colors. This fun look isn’t as drastic as painting your whole head, but it still gets the job done. (via As You Wish)

8. Split: Split bangs can give any updo a natural feel. Add an oh-so-stylish topknot in the mix for a fun work hair-do! (via Bella Sugar)

9. Short: Retro bangs aren’t the easiest to pull off. But we would like to thank Lizzy Caplan for taking the plunge and making them look utterly modern. (via Refinery29)

10. Shaggy: No, we aren’t talking about Scooby Doo! We think the ex-Gossip Girl star has the perfect rocker/chic style with these shaggy bangs. (via Bella Sugar)

11. Angled: How hot are Hayden’s angled bangs? Seriously, could they look anymore sleek with her glamorous cut?! (via Short Hairstyles)

12. Messy: No matter if she’s rocking her guitar on the stage or making you LOL on Portlandia, Carrie Brownstein’s messy bedhead is something most women wish they could pull off. She’s the queen of combining hard with soft. In fact, she’s willing to change her hair to counter her outfit. She told Hello Giggles, “If you have ruffles and your hair is curly, it just doesn’t work.” (via Rookie Mag)

13. Fuss-Free Fringe: There might be no bang of our time that is more iconic than what Alexa Chung sports. In fact, Vogue deemed her look one of the best of all time, sitting right next to the likes of Jane Birkin who also passed her good bang genes down to her daughter Charlotte Gainsbourg. The trick to getting this look is not to over style. (We think we can handle that.) (via Vogue)

14. Straight: Straight up! Nothing says sleek like a good straight bang. Run a flat iron over those babies and work it out. (via InStyle)

15. Choppy: It looks like Jessica Szohr put her bangs on the chopping block in the best way possible. And how awesome is her fish-tail braid? (via PopSugar)

16. Baby Bangs: Above the eyebrow bangs are risky, but with the right face shape, they can look surprisingly natural. (via Beauty Editor)

17. Chic and Shiny: Kerry Washington is a hair ninja. One day we’ll see her with big blunt bags, the next day her hair will be totally swept back in a stunning updo. But probably our favorite look is her sleek, shiny piece-y bangs. (via The Daily Beast)

18. Grown Out Pixie: Alright, so she’s currently sporting a bang-less chopped bob, but we’re still reminiscing about her grown-out pixie paired with some serious bang action. The alter-ego combo just goes to show, J Law really can have it all. (via BellaSugar)

19. Rounded: Never one to be seen with naked forehead, T-Swift’s bangs frame and round out her whole face. Achieve this easy look with a round brush and blow dryer. (via Teen Vogue)

20. Face Framing: Christina Hendricks is always changing it up in the bang department. And no matter if they’re half bangs, fringed or swept to the side, her va-va-voom hair always frames her face and gives her a youthful glow…. believe it or not she’s nearing 40. Bang magic! (via InStyle)

Would you rock any of these banging styles? Share your favorites in the comments below!