Kate Winslet may be an award-winning actress and bestie to Hollywood hottie Leonardo DiCaprio, but she鈥檚 apparently not someone who should be wielding a sharp object anywhere near someone鈥檚 head. The Mountain Between Us star told Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday that she once accidentally cut off part of a friend鈥檚 ear.

Winslet shared the cringe-worthy story on The Tonight Show, explaining that when she was younger, she thought she might like to become a hairdresser if her acting career didn鈥檛 work out. After first practicing her snipping skills on her own head to save her mom some money when a wedding rolled around, she then turned her scissors on a friend.

Winslet explained, 鈥淎 family friend, who was a fully grown man鈥 allowed me to cut his hair. And I cut off a piece of his ear.鈥 And if that weren鈥檛 freaky enough, she added, 鈥淚 actually saw it fall.鈥 Eek!

The 41-year-old assured Fallon (and the grossed-out audience) that most of the man鈥檚 ear was left intact, saying the piece she sliced off was 鈥渓ike a little nick. It wasn鈥檛 a chunk.鈥 Either way, *shudder.*

The man in question, Mick, apparently isn鈥檛 that upset about it. To this day, he still shows Winslet where she cut his ear, joking, 鈥淚t鈥檚 my claim to fame!鈥 (We suppose that鈥檚 true 鈥 not everyone can say they were literally scarred by an Oscar winner.)

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(Photo via Daniel Zuchnik/Getty)