It should come as a shocker to no one that Katy Perry goes a little nuts when it comes to dressing up for performances. She has yet to rock a dress made of meat (though she has rocked a pizza-patterned onesie), but it’s safe to say that the pop star is giving Lady Gaga a run for her money in the costume department. As the featured performer for this year’s Super Bowl, we’re guessing it’s safe to say that Perry is going to make some jaws drop with her outfits. It’s pretty much impossible to predict what she’ll show up in — let’s just say a dress made entirely out of miniature footballs probably isn’t out of the question — but that doesn’t mean we won’t try. Here are five looks we’ve already seen from the pop star that we hope she *tops* in a big, BIG way come February 1st.

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1. Can’t Ignore My Tech: We’ve seen Katy wear clothes glowing with LED lights and shimmering with hologram fabrics, but we want her to get really high-tech with her Super Bowl get up. We’re talking an animatronic, 3D-printed, noise-reacting dress (yes, things like this exist). Just imagine the collar of her top expanding as she hits all the highs of “Roar” and her dress changing hues when the crowd cheers. (Photo via Timur Emek/Getty)


2. Get Up in My Grill: Sure Katy’s got to engage an entire stadium, but she’s also got to pander to the crowd at home. We love the idea of a camera-catching grill that sends a secret message to couch surfers only. (Photo via Jamie McCarthy/Getty)


3. Team Perry: Katy’s dressed the part of player, so we’d like to see her switch roles as cheerleader for her halftime spectacular — after all, who better to amp up crowd? We’re imagining move-for-move “Mickey” choreography with hunky backup dancers sporting “Team Perry” jerseys. (Photo via Ethan Miller/Getty)


4. I Love the ’90s: We can’t lie, our favorite “Katy” had to be “throwback Katy” and while we’ve seen her make her mark on pinup styles and ’80s hair, we’ve yet to see ’90s teen Katy in her full, angsty glory on stage. What does that scene look like? We’d say Angela Chase-red hair for sure, inflatable furniture everywhere and legions of Delia’s-looking models in the mosh pit. (Photo via Timur Emek/Getty)


5. Icon Status: Katy floored us when she shows up to the VMAs paying homage to one of the most important red carpet moments in history: Britney and Justin in head-to-toe denim. We’re hoping she takes her cheeky tribute to the field by spoofing one of the Superbowls most notorious duos: Janet Jackson and her wardrobe malfunction. (Photo via Jason Merritt/Getty)

What are your style predictions for Katy Perry’s Super Bowl look? Share your thoughts in the comments below.