People have been going after the amazing Leslie Jones on Twitter for a while now. As an avid Twitter user, Jones was singled out by trolls upon the release of her movie Ghostbusters, and it looks as if every time she gets a little bit of work, like helping NBC with the Olympic coverage, these online bullies are out in full force. In the latest, her website was hacked and personal info, nude photos and more were released to the public. Unsurprisingly, many celebrities have spoken in solidarity with Leslie, but the best one came from Katy Perry.

Why is this tweet so important? Katy points out that all the attacks on Leslie are misogynoir — a term that explains a certain type of hatred toward black women in particular. Notice that none of Leslie’s co-stars in Ghostbusters are being bullied this way? Katy is telling it like it is, hopefully opening more eyes to the awful attacks Leslie’s been exposed to in the last few months.

But Katy isn’t the only celebrity standing with Leslie.

Her Ghostbusters director had a lot to say:

And a bunch of her SNL castmates voiced their concern:

And all around, celebs have been so kind and willing to talk about this bullying.

We’re glad to see more and more celebs speaking up for each other. Hopefully, their words will help their fans speak up against bullying, misognynoir and attacks both personal and public.

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(Photo via Frazer Harrison/Getty)