If there’s one thing the Kardashians excel at, it’s social media marketing (with the exception of Kim’s latest candle snafu, of course). Whether Kim is sending out subtle messages when posting pics of her family on Instagram, or Kylie’s teasing some of her newest makeup, the sisters could practically teach a master class on the topic. Which is exactly why it’s actually pretty surprising that Khloé is being sued for simply posting a pic of her and one of her sisters on her Instagram account.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Khloé took a paparazzi photo of her and one of her sisters back in September of 2016 and posted it to her Instagram account. As it turns out, the photo was taken by a paparazzo named Manual Munoz, who sold the photo to UK newspaper The Daily Mail.

Munoz is contesting that he and TDM own the rights to the photo, claiming that Khloé used the picture without permission. Not only that, but the lawsuit alleges that she cropped the pic to remove the watermark. The photography company, Xposure, is asking for damages upwards of $25,000.

A quick Google search leads to a story in the publication with a shot of KoKo and Kourt seen heading into a Miami restaurant in September of last year, though we aren’t sure if this is the photo in question, as any traces of a pic even remotely like that is now gone from the youngest Kardashian’s account.

While we aren’t sure how this will play out, THR notes that most court cases like this end quite quickly.

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(h/t Refinery29; photos via Dimitrious Kamouris, Slaven Vlasic, + Alberto E. Rodrigues/Getty)