You could get all sorts of things tattooed on your body: a picture of your cat, a portrait of Adele, a giant tattoo of Disney Pixar’s Remy from Ratatouille. But none of those have the same heartwarming meaning than a tribute tat to your offspring. Tattoos honoring the family unit (like these sweet sibling tattoos) have been a mainstay in the world of skin art for eons, with most of them being simply the child’s name in a variety of fancy scripts or a somewhat accurate likeness of them living on your flesh. But why go with something so, well, predictable. Mix it up! We have 20 super sweet inspos for your next way meaningful tat!

1. The Sharpie Tattoo: Has your kid ever drawn on you with a Sharpie? This takes that look and REALLY makes it permanent.

2. The Arrow Tattoo: This super minimalist sign tattoo shows the direction to this person’s heart. It’s simple and subtle.

3. The Finger Tattoos: If you’re going to do finger tats, make sure you do it right. These name and birth dates are pretty sweet.

4. Blast Off: If your little ones are rocket-obsessed and dream of the stars, this spaceship tribute will be the perfect tat.

5. The Sketched Kids: We really dig the hand-drawn style of this kid illustration. And the splashes of color really make it pop!

6. The Hand and Footprint Tattoos: There are quite a few kid tribute tattoos out there that incorporate kids’ cute little hands and feet, but this one takes that to a whole new level.

7. Family Birthdates: No dates are more important in your life, so put them where you can see them. We love how they keep two places open for more members.

8. The Message: How could you not love looking down at this note from your kid on your skin every day?!

9. The Stars of Your World: These whimsical stars are a sweet statement and def not your usual tattoo style!

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10. Signed With Love: We adore how each member of the family’s signature is so different, especially Benjamin’s!

11. Their Happy Place: A hammock, a guitar, trees, family… and Snoopy! This tat has it all, including all the feels.

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12. The Coordinates: Made famous by Angelina Jolie, coordinates make the birth place of a loved one a simple (and celebrity-approved) way to honor them.

13. The Kid Drawing: A child’s self-portrait is so incredibly charming and deserves a life beyond the fridge!

14. The Photo Portrait: Wow — now that is a commitment. They say a picture says 1000 words, and a tattoo of said picture speaks 1000 more.

15. The Heart: They own your heart, might as well make it permanent. Beautifully perfect.

16. Child Drawing and Words: OMG, how adorable are these pretty pink unicorns with the message, “I love mummy.” We die!

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17. The Sweet Elephant Family: This one is pure sweetness and lets you simply show off all the members of your elephant pack.

18. The Ultimate Tribute Tattoo: We’re not sure *we* would have the courage to go this all-in, but letting your kids be the ones to actually tattoo their pictures on you like this dad did… now that’s love.

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