We get pretty wrapped up in our LBD costumes, our freaky nail decals and our Halloween weddings — but let’s not forget about the kids. Your favorite little ghouls and all of their favorite goblins can get all their tricks and treating in during a party hosted by you. It doesn’t have to be a big production with a lofty budget. We’ve found 17 quick and easy DIYs to put on a spooktacular Halloween party.

1. Batty Invitations: The first thing any good party needs is a clever invitation. Your little guests will go batty over this one ;) Just take a picture, print out the free template and fill in the details. (via One Charming Party)

2. Ghosts in a Jar: Capture a tiny ghoul, use it as decor and then give it away as a party favor with this cute version of the classic cheese cloth ghost. The process is quick, but the drying takes awhile, so make sure you do this one in advance. (via Eighteen 25)

3. Witch’s Broom Snacks: Kids get enough candy during the holiday festivities. Instead of adding to the sugar rush, try this: String cheese, pretzel sticks and chives are all you need to make this witchy little treat. (via Raining Hot Coupons)

4. Magic Potion Punch: Trick your guests with a bubbling witch’s brew treat. You can make it by the bowl or by the cup, but the magic happens quick, so if you decide to do one big batch, make an event out of it. Put it together in front of the kids, and watch their faces light up as the mixture bubbles and fizzes. (via Bitz N Giggles)

5. Halloween Bingo: We all know little kids don’t have the longest attention spans, so it’s a good idea to make sure you have plenty of activities planned to keep them busy. It doesn’t have to be anything intricate. These free printable bingo cards will do the trick. Print them on heavy card stock and have them laminated so you can re-use them next year. (via Crazy Little Projects)

6. Guessing Game: Get those thinkers thinking with an easy-to-set-up guessing game. Fill a jar with plastic spiders or candy corn and award prizes for those who come the closest. (via BHG)

7. Trail Mix Bar: It would be almost impossible to avoid all candy on Halloween, but you can certainly lighten the load with a trail mix bar instead of more sugary treats. Trick the kids, and maybe even some of the adults, with things that taste sweet but are actually good for you, like banana chips and raisins. (via A Girl and a Glue Gun)

8. Witch Pitch: Put together this game for a cackling good time. If the goblins at your party are on the younger side, just let them throw without scoring so no one gets upset. But drawing point values on the board with a silver Sharpie would be tons of fun, too. (via Chica and J0)

9. Monster Favors: The other mothers will thank you when they see you’ve sent their kids home with something besides another bag of candy. (via Meet the Dubiens)

10. Candy Corn Punch: The best kind of party projects are quick and easy but look really impressive, and this is one of them. Set the cute concoction out where everyone can see and it will double as decor. (via Kara’s Party Ideas)

11. Frozen Boo-nana Pops: Banana halves are frozen and dipped in white chocolate (yogurt would also work) and finished off with two chocolate chip eyes. This one is so good you’ll need to make sure there’s enough for the adults, too. (via Skinny Taste)

12. Spooky Balloons: Dress up regular balloons with one of the dozens of Sharpies rolling around in your junk drawer. Don’t have time to get them inflated with helium? Fake it by taping them to the wall. (via Trendenser)

13. Monster Mouth: Serve up these fun-to-eat treats at your party. Just check ahead of time that none of the guests are allergic to peanuts. And if they are, you can modify it by using cream cheese or yogurt instead. (via Today’s Frugal Mom)

14. Vampire Pumpkins: This time of year you can find these white (or ghost) pumpkins in any grocery store by the barrel full. Grab a few and pop in a set of plastic vampire teeth. The smaller the pumpkin, the bigger the bite! (via Martha Stewart)

15. Party Favor Printable: Another great non-food party favor option is bubbles. Dress them up with a piece of ribbon and a free printable tag. (via Tatertots and Jello)

16. Pumpkin Fruit Cups: Your guests will love picking out which face they like best, and don’t be surprised when they come back looking for another one. (via The Sweatman Family)

17. Bat Garland: Another free printable garland. This template includes four different size bats. String them up in an alternating pattern or mix them up. There’s no wrong way! (via Hello Natural)

Which one of these projects will be making an appearance at your party? Let us know in the comments!