That haunted shindig is less then a month away. You know the one; the one that’s lead you to spend the last month making numerous pinboards, DIYing decorations and planning a gruesome menu. Now comes the most important part — inviting the party monsters. No matter if you’re going for creepy, pimped out in pumpkins or homemade, here are 14 Halloweeninvitations to get your party started.

1. Halloween Cards ($15 for the set of 5 cards): Speak to us of pumpkins and spiders. These adorable cards use the classic black + orange color combo to create a mix of mailbox treats for your guests.

2. Owl Invites: Who’s invited to an owl-themed soirée? You, that’s who (who!)! (via Alix Sorrell)

3. Splattered Invitation ($225 per set): The red splatter on this invite will probably make your guests wonder what you’ve been doing. Paper cut or sinister intentions?

4. Witch Please ($5) : Sassy invites for your best witches that you don’t even have to write yourself? Sign us up. If you head to Punkpost’s website and type in your message, they’ll do all the handwriting and mailing for you. So you can focus on other things, like learning how to carve shrunken heads out of apples… you know, for the punchbowl.

5. Old Letter Invitation ($7): Break out your finest handwriting for these antique vampire-inspired invitations. Do your guests dare break the seal?

6. Message in a Bottle Invitations: Forget the living dead. This invitation is for Blackbeard and his band of scurvy dogs. Just be sure to have plenty of drinks on hand, ’cause everyone knows that a pirate knows how to party down. (via Martha Stewart)

7. Thriller Invitation ($14): Michael Jackson rocks this invite. Better to let your guests know that there will indeed be a flashmob happening in your house that night.

8. Harry Potter Inspired Invites: Give your guests their very own invitation to Hogwarts. Because what’s better than a Potter Halloween party? Only a Potter Halloween party with butterbeer-spiked punch. (via One Charming Party)

9. Skeleton Invitations: Skeleton theme party or even graveyard shindig, these clacking bones invitations are the only way to lure your guests to their doom… er, delight. (via Martha Stewart)

10. Halloween Chalkboard Invitations ($1 each): Simple and straightforward, this invitation tells your guests what it’s about: costumes and cocktails.

11. Pumpkin Carving Party: Make an event out of the classic Halloween activity and use these cute jack-o’-lanterns to invite your friends. (via Tried and True)

12. Ouija Inspired Invitation ($13): Ghost hunting or not, this invitation implies candles and ghost stories. Basically the stuff Halloween is made of.

13. Bloody Halloween Invitations: Is it weird to glam our blood? We don’t care. Summon all the mummies and zombies and vampires for your blood themed Halloween party. (via Design Sponge)

14. Severed Finger Invitation: Looking for an invitation that’ll give them the shivers? Send your guests a reminder ribbon… on someone else’s finger! (via Martha Stewart)

Do your party invitations match your theme? Which invitation is your favorite? Tell us below!