October is on the horizon, which means it’s time to start breaking out the Halloween decor. But this year, white is the new orange. Don’t think white limits you to gauzy ghosties. With a little paint, you can easily turn any Halloween decoration into a chic white palette. So grab a paintbrush and check out these all white Halloween decorations for some inspiration.

1. Ghost Barbie: Holy crap! Who ever knew Barbie could be so freaking scary? Make these ghoulish ladies with some white spray paint and a pen. They would preside over any party and scare off any Ken with ease. (via Made by Girl)

2. Typography Pumpkins: Rather than carving a face, put a spooky message onto a pumpkin. White is the perfect canvas for making your message glow. (via BHG)

3. Pumpkin Ice Bucket: Pumpkins are good for so many things. Hollow out a painted pumpkin and fill it with ice to keep the champagne cold. (via Style Me Pretty)

4. Vegetable Vases: Put your booze in a pumpkin. Put your flowers in a squash. No matter how you use your fall produce, trust that it’s going to look just gourd-geous, dahling. (via Chatelaine)

5. White Jack O’ Lanterns: Stop! Before you put a knife in that pumpkin, paint it white and give that glowing face a ghostly quality. (via All You)

6. Pumpkin Place Settings: Using little pumpkins as place settings is a brilliant idea, and painting them white can pull things together for a chic Halloween soiree. Or just buy the ones that Mama Nature already made white! (via Project Wedding)

7. Hand Drawn Pumpkins: Take those white pumpkins to the next level by using a sharpie to display your artistic skills. You can even let the kids help with this one! (via The Happy Housie)

8. Lots of Dots: Get out your screwdriver. You’re carving this sucker up faster than you can say jack-o’-lantern. And we wholeheartedly endorse using IKEA’s Tejn faux sheepskin for every chair in your house. They’ll give your place an extra luxe look while keeping those shivers from running down everyone’s spines. (via Chatelaine)

9. Draped Furniture: Who knew white sheets could be so scary? Drape your furniture with them to create an abandoned old house look. (via Popsugar)

10. Fanged Pumpkins: Pumpkins with vampire fangs? Yikes. (via Martha Stewart)

11. Paper Spider Lantern ($6): This spidery lantern will add a haunting glow to your party’s ambiance.

12. Dotty Pumpkin: A plain white pumpkin can become a dotty paradise with these colorful pushpins. (via Lauren Conrad)

13. Ghostie Cake: Create these little friends with icing. They’re adorable enough for any cake. (via I Am Baker)

14. Glowing Yard Orbs: Glow sticks, balloons and stockings can make white yard decorations that are as affordable as they are haunting. (via Fun Holiday Crafts)

15. Pumpkin Pets: With some white paint and a little creativity, you can easily turn a pumpkin into a cat, or dog, or whatever you set your mind to. (via Parenting)

16. White Bug Bottles: This DIY project may look complicated, but you’ll be pleased to know that those bugs were just printed on sticker paper and stuck onto spray painted bottles. Yeah, you can do that. (via The Wicker House)

17. Double Dipped: You know what white looks good with? It looks good with gold. Just spray paint that big beautiful orb all white. Then, when it dries, give it a dip in a bath of gold. (via Chatelaine)

What is your favorite Halloween color scheme? Would you go white for the holiday? Tell us below!