Killer costume? Check. Ultra original pumpkin? Check. Deliciously spooky treats? Double check. It seems like you’ve got all your Halloween bases covered, but there’s one thing you’re forgetting. It’s right on the tip of your tongue… or maybe more like on the tip of your fingers. Your nails, people! Take your Halloween spirit to the next level this season with these 14 festive nail wraps and decals.

1. Vintage Movie Monsters Art Decal ($6): For the film buffs who love their nail buffers. Show off your love for old cinema with these black and white decals featuring characters from classic Halloween horror flicks.

2. Hello Kitty Halloween Stickers ($3): Hello Kitty sure knows how to get into the Halloween spirit. Sport these nails purely as inspiration to keep on top of your costume game.

3. Candy Skull Nail Wraps ($5): These colorful candy skulls will leave your nails looking anything but dead. Use a few for Halloween and then sport them even after the holiday.

4. Mummy Nail Stickers ($4): Is it cute? Is it spooky? Or is it the perfect combination of them both? C, the answer is C.

5. Blood Drip Red Vinyl Decals ($5): Yikes. Don’t be surprised if handshakes end in the other guy backing away slowly and then bolting for the door. Maybe a wave is a better idea with these.

6. Boo Nail Decals ($5): Halloween manicures don’t have to always be so terrifying. Break up all that spooky spirit with a chevron or polka dot flare nail.

7. Black Bats Nail Decals ($3): Flying skulls with bat wings? Well that is definitely a frightening sight. Counteract creepy visions of boney heads flying around the sky with a sweet polish like this pale green.

8. Candy Corn Nail Wraps ($5): Candy corn: Either you love it or you hate it. But when the tricolored treat is wrapped over your nails, there really is no debate. They’re awesome.

9. Black Crow Nail Decals ($5): Black crows have such a distinct eeriness about them. We get a little spooked by one, let alone ten.

10. Charlie Brown Pumpkin Nail Stickers ($7): Prepare for some serious nostalgia to set in. We can have Snoopy, Linus, Lucy and the Great Pumpkin at our fingertips all day long? It’s almost better than the movie.

11. Spider Web Nail Decals ($5): This classic spooky motif is subtle, but festive enough to make a statement. Paint your nails white for a stark contrast or go full Halloween with a solid orange coat.

12. Black Lace Roses Decals ($3): Not so into the kitschy Halloween imagery? This black lace decal paired with an orange polish is a sophisticated way to embrace a fun nail trend.

13. Pumpkin Nail Wraps ($5): Doesn’t get much more festive than this. Whether you’re hitting up a VIP costume party or passing out candy to kids, these wraps will be equally appreciated by all.

14. Creepy Cute Nail Decals ($18): This pack is definitely the most expensive, but just look at all these options! Graves, candy apples, ghosts, witch hats… We’re going into Halloween overload.

What marvelous mani are you planning this Halloween? We want to see what you come up with! Share a pick with us on Twitter.