Kim Kardashian West has only rather recently returned to social media (perhaps with a hidden message on Instagram?) since her Paris robbery last October (during which she recently revealed she was nearly nude). But as the daughter of a famous third generation Armenian American, she wasn’t about to be silent with regard to President Trump’s latest orders on immigration, joining others in speaking out on social media.

NEW YORK, NY - JANUARY 16: Kim Kardashian seen out in Manhattan on January 16, 2017 in New York City. (Photo by Robert Kamau/GC Images)

Offering up a single Tweet with a powerful message, Kim stuck to the facts in her response, showcasing a graphic with unnatural causes of American deaths.

At the very bottom of the list was Islamic jihadist immigrants — the very group President Trump claims to be protecting America from with his order — coming in at two deaths, followed with far right-wing terrorists at five and all Islamic jihadist terrorists (including those that are already US citizens) at nine.

Much higher were out-there causes such as lawn mowers (69) falling out of bed (737 — what!) and finally, the risk of being shot by another American right here at home: 11,737. Yikes!

She wasn’t alone in offering her thoughts: Plenty of other celebs joined her, as well. See how they’re reacting to the news below.

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1. Amy Schumer: Amy was right there with Kim, sharing the same graphic on Instagram.

2. Sia: The singer is doing her part to help, offering to match donations to the ACLU (who just took on President Trump in an emergency hearing over his recent bans and won) up to $100,000.

2. Nicole Richie: Nicole channeled her feelings into some political artwork.

3. Taraji P. Henson: Taraji took Uber to task, despite its CEO’s Facebook message, saying, “#ByeUber I cannot support a company that backs hate.”

4. Isla Fisher: Isla shared the words of Malala Yousafzai, who said, “I am heartbroken that Syrian refugee children, who have suffered through six years of war by no fault of their own, are singled out for discrimination.”

5. Rashida Jones: Rashida Jones shared VP Mike Pence’s own words from December 2015, saying, “Nothing has changed. It is still unconstitutional. Stand up for what you know is right, Mike Pence.”

6. Chloe Grace Moretz: While it’s unclear whether or not Chloe was at one of the many protests popping up around the US, she shared a vid of the action.

7. Brie Larson: Brie Larson shared some of the facts on immigration from ACLU’s page.

8. Sophia Bush: Sophia shared a powerful shot from one of the airport protests, saying, “No hate, no fear, refugees are welcome here. Proud of America for standing up. Love > hate,” also adding, “My friend Courtney said to me tonight, thank you for not being afraid to use your voice. Courage is contagious.’ Courage IS contagious. Look at our airports tonight. Keep it up. It’s working.”

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Thank you @jslc #strongertogether

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9. Jordana Brewster: Jordana also quoted the words of another, posting the Emma Lazurus quote printed on the Statue of Liberty itself and saying, #strongertogether.”

10. Miley Cyrus: The always vocal Miley Cyrus posted this montage of Lady Liberty.

11. Alyssa Milano: Alyssa shared that her BFF, DJ Khaled’s brother Alaa Mohmammed, is Muslim.

12. Mark Ruffalo: Mark Tweeted up a storm since last night’s events, including this shot of protesters at the airports.

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