We’ve been blinding you all week with products that are as good as gold… literally. Now you can gild your kitchen, your dining room and your next party with a set of gold serving utensils. Nothing says fancy shmancy like serving a soup course with gold-tipped spoons or a salad with golden tongs, all alongside coordinating gold cocktails. Sochi may be a thing of the past, but with these tools you can always be a gold medalist in the kitchen.

1. Gold Flatware Serving Set ($39): Simple. Elegant. Shiny. Basically everything we’re looking for in utensils.

2. Hand Painted Gold and White Spoons ($12): Etsy is one of our fave destinations for unique home finds, and these spoons are no exception. Add gold for glam and stripes for whimsy, and you have yourself one perfect spoon.

3. DIY Gold Dipped Utensils: No need to miss out on the golden fun if you’re short on change. Rustle those wooden spoons hiding in the back of your drawer and do your own gold-dipping. (via Lovely Indeed)

4. Classy Company Cheese Knife Set ($45): Shiny luxe gold is paired with a shabby chic mint handle for a cheese knife set that is one part vintage, one part gouda.

5. Vika Sky Salad Set ($28): We promise to eat our greens if they’re served with this set. We love the combo of bright gold with the duller finish. Very chic.

6. Doma Serving Set ($128): A full assortment of bright and shiny utensils for your every serving need.

7. Marcel Serving Tongs ($18): Place these alongside the Vika Sky Salad Set for the ultimate in coordination and for a plethora of salad serving options.

8. Papered Chevron Forks ($10): Thanks to Brit + Co maker Sucre Shop, you can now bring some gold on your picnics too!

9. Gold Cheese Knives Set ($29): If there’s any way to improve cheese, we bet it’s by serving it with gold cheese knives. Perfect for your next wine tasting.

10. Gold Painted Wooden Spoons ($13): Don’t let your prepping utensils miss out on the gold leaf fun! Stir the pasta with a gold painted wooden spoon, and then serve it with one!

11. Brass Spice Spoon ($12): Dress up the sugar pot at your next tea party with these gorgeous hammered spice spoons. Think exotic tea field, not Queen Liz’s parlor.

12. Serpentine Place Setting ($40): Gold, scaly and infinitely more attainable than those snakeskin Louboutins you can’t get out of your head.

13. Aureux Carving Knife ($78): Practice your carving (and impress your relatives!) next holiday season with your mad skills and golden knife. Dad will be super jealous.

14. Glittered Wooden Silverware ($12): Snag these sparkly utensils for a small fee, or take on a DIY project with a little glue and some glitter to create your own.

15. Gold Dipped Porcelain Spoon Set ($20): Move over wood, porcelain is in town. And with the holes punched through the stem, you can hang these and use them for decoration as much as serving.

16. Gold Flatware Sets ($39-104): Eat like royalty off of gold flatware. Is it just us, or does the steel knife blade lend the whole set a certain panache? Matching is overrated anyway.

17. Copper Handled Utensils ($9-15): Copper cookware is the creme de la creme of pots and pans. Maybe you’ve already made the investment, or maybe you’re still saving up, but either way you need to have these coordinating utensils.

18. Golden Gator Serving Set ($40): Gator fans, rejoice! We just took tailgate season up a notch. But these aren’t just for Floridians and football fanatics — these gator utensils will look equally at home as a statement piece on your elegant dinner party tablescape.

19. Brass Tipped Spice Spoon Set ($38): We admit it, we love dip dye in all its glorious forms. Hand carved Indian rosewood tipped with shiny brass just screams sophistication. Or says it gently, because you know… that’s more sophisticated.

20. Gold Pie Serving Set ($39): We could never leave out dessert, the gold medalist of all dinner courses. Cut your pie with a golden server, and guarantee its rightful place as the capstone of your meal.

Metallics for the win! How will you use gold utensils to class up your next meal? Let us know in the comments below or Tweet us @BritandCo.