We’ve all been there. That nail color you were so in love with last summer has congealed and separated in the ensuing months, leaving you feeling down as the changing whims of fashion claim another victim. Another one bites the dust. Until now! Just because it no longer has a place on your fingertips doesn’t mean you have to cast it out of your heart as well. We’ve gathered 13 life hacks to put your old colors to new use.

1. DIY Flower Bud Vases: Bud vases are the bomb. Tiny, adorable bud vases that use both old nail polish and the empty bottle are the bomb.com. (via Crème de la Craft)

2. DIY Nail Polish Colored Headphones: Any home with more than one occupant has succumbed to the inevitable argument of whose ear buds those are. Ensure headphone harmony by dressing up your various cords with some colorful nail polish. (via Crème de la Craft)

3. DIY Colored Soles: Every girl has that pair of go-to heels that are more reliable than the significant others they’ve seen you through. But sometimes even your well-loved heels need a makeover. Emulate those forever out-of-reach Louboutins or pop your favorite color onto the sole for a vibrant pick-me-up. (via Cosmopolitan)

4. Fix Car Scratches: Most people try to be safe and careful drivers: We don’t text and we’re trying to break the habit of applying mascara at red lights, but accidents do happen every once in a while. Mask those little fender benders with some matching nail polish and be thankful that it’s one more time you escaped a trip to the garage. (via Life Cheating)

5. Relieve an Itchy Mosquito Bite: Woodland romps, bonfires, weekend camping trips — summer is rife with possibilities, including the (very likely) possibility for bug bites. Ouch. We’re all for ditching the Off in favor of something more eco-friendly and DIYable, but sometimes the little buggers still manage to slip through the cracks. Stop the itch and save your skin with a quick layer of top coat polish ($10). (via Lifehacker, image via Ulta)

6. Stop the Run in Your Tights: This one’s an oldie but a goodie. We’re pretty sure every girl in the history of hosiery knows this trick, but we’re keeping it up here for posterity. Fresh out of clear polish? A nude or french mani pink will work just as well. (via In The Heyday + Daily Vanity)

7. Seal an Envelope: Envelope glue is simultaneously the best and worst invention ever. If you’ve ever had to address and seal your own wedding invitations (we’re looking at you, George Costanza), you know what we mean. Bypass that undesirable chore and make your letters steam-proof with some polish. (via Lifehacker)

8. Thread a Needle: Here’s another nifty little trick to make your next hand-sewing project that much easier! (via LilyPad Arduino)

9. Color Code Your Keys: As if you needed another excuse to incorporate more color into your life… but we’re sure as heck not turning this one down. (via A Bubbly Life)

10. DIY Nail Polish Painted Jewelry: We love this quick, easy way to personalize your jewelry. Give flea market finds a facelift, or DIY your own killer pendant, and ensure your style is one-of-a-kind with a coat of polish. Bonus tip: use clear polish to keep cheap costume jewelry from tarnishing and to protect sensitive skin from metals like nickel. Looking for more DIY jewlery inspo? Hit up this tutorial! (via Brit + Co)

11. Keep a Loose Button in Place: We love sewing, but man, buttons are hard. Touch up any little errors, or secure any less-than-stellar store-bought finds with some clear polish. (via wikiHow)

12. DIY Marbled Glassware: Upcycle cheap glassware with a tie-dye nail polish effect. You can coordinate it with your current style or even go all-out for a big event. Would matching our nails to our glasses be too much? (via Honestly WTF)

13. Phone Case: If you’re feeling really ambitious, you can coordinate your ‘buds (from above) with a nifty phone case! (via A Beautiful Mess)

Have you tried any of these nail polish hacks? Let us know your results or other ideas here or on Twitter @BritandCo!