Forget those preconceived ideas of dance halls and old-school music; disco balls are coming back, and they are not staying on the dance floor. The disco-ball trend is coming in all shapes and sizes from sparkly accessories to home decor accents. And here are 15 creative ways to incorporate a little extra glitz and glam into your life via our old friend the disco ball.

1. Rustic Glam: We are loving this rustic kitchen, with its contrasting rough beams and ultra-glitzy modernized disco ball right about the counter. (via Decholic)

2. Pizza Oven: If you are ever in Vienna, you must pay a visit to pizzeria Disco Volante and check out their pizza oven that has been designed to look like a giant, sparkly disco ball. (via This is Colossal)

3. Dapple Lamp: The inside of this lampshade is covered with tiny pieces of reflective glass resulting in an explosion of light and a dramatic shadow that will brighten up any room. (via Reiko Kaneko)

4. Disco Globe: The whole world is having a party, and you’re invited. How cool is this disco-ball globe? (via Eva Truffaut)

5. Delicate Disco ($280): This pretty necklace is handmade and available in yellow, rose and white gold. It is casual enough to wear with jeans, but even a teeny tiny disco ball can rock your next party dress.

6. Planter ($260): Let your house plants sparkle in these mirrored disco pots that you can set on your desk or hang from the ceiling.

7. Tiled Stairs: Have a dark, narrow staircase that could use some brightening up? How about these mirrored tiles to reflect the light and expand the space? (via Buddha Interiors)

8. Half Disco: If you don’t want to go full disco or if you have low ceilings, try just using half for a domed light fixture. (via Designer Home)

9. Fireplace Decor: Sometimes, non-working fireplaces can be a bit of a challenge to decorate. But instead of staring into that black hole, use the fireplace as a frame, and create a uniquely glamorous focal point. (via Amber Interior)

10. Disco Helmet: Safety gear and glamour don’t usually go hand in hand, but this helmet comes pretty darn close to being chic and sexy. If you are feeling industrious, there is even a DIY tutorial to bling out a helmet of your own. (via Handimania)

11. Mirrored Backsplash: We don’t give enough credit to that bit of space under the cabinets. Using mirrored tiles as a backsplash in your kitchen can make a huge impact and maybe even make dish washing a little more glamorous. (via DIY Home)

12. Tabletop Glam: Throw some small and medium disco balls on the table as decoration during your next glam dinner party. You could also tuck some mini disco balls in the floral arrangements for extra sparkle. (via The Glitter Guide)

13. Simple Scandinavian: The elegance of Scandinavian decor and simple color palette is a great setting for the not-so-subtle sparkle of a disco ball. (via Scandinavian Retreat)

14. Party Swizzle Sticks: Add a touch of glitter to your bar or your next fancy party with these little DIY disco ball stirrers. (via Minted)

15. Bedroom Bling: The disco ball can even peacefully exist in a bedroom as this beautiful gray and white room demonstrates. We love the matching bling-y accent pillow and of course the adorable little French Bulldog… oh, and that neon-pink skate too! (via House of Bulldogs)

Did any of these glittery disco balls catch your eye? Let us know in the comments below!