Kylie Jenner has had wild amounts of success with her uber popular cosmetics line and lip kits, but now the buzz around her shades is primarily focused on the fakes that are out there. Not only are fans being fooled by cruddy knockoffs, some of the cheap stuff is actually pretty dangerous, with reports of the formula containing glue that can make your lips stick together and even something that smells like gasoline that鈥檚 giving people nasty infections. Yuck and yikes!

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With some peeps thinking they鈥檝e scored a deal through a third party or by heading to a website that suspiciously looks a heck of a lot like Kylie鈥檚 own, some folks are not getting what they were hoping for, while others are getting much more than they bargained for.

Even the packing is sub-par鈥

Taking to Twitter to address the issue herself, Kylie responded to fans who were taken in by the fakes and saw some serious consequences鈥

She was doing her best to help folks figure out if they had the real thing or dangerous fakes鈥

And had some advice for anyone still wanting to pick up her products鈥

Buyer beware, indeed!

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