We’re quickly approaching the season of PSL-everything (formerly known as autumn). But before you start losing your pumpkin-loving minds, Krispy Kreme‘s newest flavor is not that. However, it is a combo people love just as much: peanut butter and chocolate.


The donut chain just recently released Nutella-filled donuts but they’re now treating us to a Reese’s peanut butter cup flavored donut. The new menu addition will feature a Reese’s peanut butter sauce filling, chocolate icing and a peanut butter chip, vanilla cookie crumb and chocolate drizzle topping.

We’re drooling right along with you guys, but we have some sad news. This delectable donut is only available in Austrailia at the moment. WHYYYY?! The company is currently featuring an international-inspired menu in their stores, but that only includes flavors like Crème Brûleé, Tiramisu and Churro.

If you’re super passionate about chowing down on a PB + chocolate flavored donut in the near future, we suggest signing this petition someone created to bring it to the states. It only has 444 signatures currently though. So sign and tell all your friends.

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(Photos via Krispy Kreme)