After concluding some of the most insane 18th birthday celebrations the world has ever seen (including a Ferrari, Birkin bag and a cake in the shape of her lips), Kylie Jenner and a flock of her friends flew down to Acapulco, Mexico to — what else? — continue celebrating. With a new line of shoes and news-making hair color that changes like the tides she’s splashing in, Kylie is far from a normal teenager. Her latest antic, which Kris Jenner just called her out on, however, is something to which we can totally relate: “borrowing” from her mom’s closet.


Mama Jenner posted this incriminating photo on her Instagram today along with the caption: “Ohhhhhhh so THIS is where my vintage Body Glove bathing suit went!!!! @kyliejenner you are grounded! Wait, I can’t do that anymore you’re 18….#whoworeitbetter #80’s #whoknewyouwouldlikemyoldstuff #recycle #love #mexico #acapulco1989”

Clearly, mom’s not really that mad. Plus, the retro, Baywatch-esque one piece is having a moment, so good for Kylie for giving that vintage swimsuit some time in the sun. Here are five hot, hot pink styles to help you cop Kylie’s (and ’80s Kris Jenner’s) sizzling style.


1. Prism Los Angeles Swimsuit ($166): This head-turning bathing suit from Prism is anything but boring. With a scoop neckline for that va-va-voom and cable-knit strips, it’s definitely a piece your kid will be stealing from your closet in twenty years.


2. Body Glove Smoothies Nina in Azalea ($98): Check out this updated look of Kris’ old piece from the same brand, Body Glove, and yep, it’s still hot. This style features cutouts along both sides. Now thats sexy.


3. J. Crew Neon Scoopback One-Piece Swimsuit ($70): This sultry swimsuit has a super low back, so you can still show some skin. It also some in regular and long-torso sizes, so tall girls can enjoy the fuchsia too.


4. Indah Pagoda Crochet Swimsuit ($193): This splurge is totally worth it. This eye-catching Indah one-piece is reversible, has an on-trend racerback style and features intricate crochet details along the side.


5. Tory Burch Solid Logo One-Piece Swimsuit ($137): This hot pink number by Tory Burch will definitely stand the test of time. The super low V-neck + pretty gold logo combo is the perfect mix of sugar and spice.

What do you think of the ’80s one-piece making a comeback? Tell us in the comments below!

(Photos via @kyliejenner + @krisjenner)