Most 18 year olds celebrate their birthdays with maybe a house party and their friends. There’s usually a cake (bonus points if it’s ice cream), some candles and singing. Standard stuff. Most teens aren’t Kylie Jenner, who recently launched her own beauty blog, whose every hair change launches a legion of copycats and had her graduation party thrown by Ryan Seacrest. King Kylie turned 18 and it seems like the celebrations will never end. In case you haven’t heard, she got a Birkin and a Ferrari for her birthday — yeah, the Kylie Jenner Birthday Show has been downright extravagant.

You can imagine her CAKE must have been something special too.


Kylie posted this snap from her, IDK, umpteenth birthday celebration featuring a cake in the shape of… lips. She captioned it, “Lil babies.” She’s referring to her lips as lil babies, we think? Kylie looks just about as thrilled over this cake as she looked over the white Ferrari her BF Tyga got her.


It’s not the first time Kylie has poked fun at herself and her closely scrutinized, surgically-enhanced pucker. She uploaded this meme on her Instagram just a month ago showing that girlfriend has a sense of humor

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(Photos via Jason Merritt/Getty + @kyliejenner)