This next statement is the equivalent of saying we want to be Jennifer Lawrence’s BFF (YEAH WE GET IT YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE HERE, INTERNET) but we have to make it anyway: there is a lot of cool stuff on Kickstarter. Case in particular point: LifePrint.

LifePrint is a wireless (and social, we’ll get to that!) device that prints out photos instantly through an app on iPhone or Android devices. It’s as simple as, well, remember Polaroid cameras? It’s a lickety-split process like that! But no need for shaking. Unless you’re listening to “Hey Ya!” then go for it. You just take a pic on your smartphone, open up the LifePrint app, edit if you choose, and guess what’s next… yup! Print out that pic. All in about 60 seconds. Carry the very-portable LifePrint on you or keep it at home and send pictures to print there while you’re out and about living your Instagram-able life, girl!

A mini printer IS cool and all, but LifePrint’s social side is what makes it worthy of more than the bare minimum pledge IMHO. It serves as its own community, where you can follow friends and send each other photos to print. Think about coming home to a fridge or desk-worthy photograph of your newborn nephew who lives across the country, or your partner deployed across the globe. Warm and fuzzy, right? Just like thumbing through an actually developed roll used to feel back in the day.

Eventually you’ll be able to follow celebrities and artists through LifePrint, which sounds both cool (like a subscription service to your favorite photogs or a way to discover new ones!) and scary (we don’t need a stack of Justin Bieber shirtless selfie prints, thanks). You’ll be able to reject unwanted photos from the printer queue on the app or even keep your printer private, so it won’t get out of control.

LifePrint would be a LifeSaver at a wedding or party where guests could print out their own memories or send them to the happy couple to have and soon hold. And if the thought of what to do with all of those printed pix is making you nervous, we have some great ideas. A lot of great ideas. Tons.

Although we want it nooooow *cue Veruca Salt* LifePrint is still a Kickstarter dream with estimated delivery April 2015. $99 Early Bird pledges are still available for Android and iPhone users to snag a printer and 10 pieces of film or a $199 pledge will dib you a “sharing pack” of two printers and double the film for you and a bud.

Do you need LifePrint in your life? Do you print out your smartphone pix or do they live only through Instagram? Share below!