Forget the iPhone; there’s a new minimalistic phone in town. Enter The Light Phone — a credit card-sized cell phone designed to be used as little as possible. It’s the anti-smartphone, perfect for those who are sick of being hyper-connected and bombarded with constant pings and rings.


How it works: The Light Phone can forward calls from your existing phone so that you can comfortably disconnect. It comes with its own number, there’s speed dial, a SIM card slot, a microphone port and a micro usb port. Other than that, there’s not much more to it. But that’s the entire point; it can only take calls.

“We aren’t creating new technology, we’re using the best existing technology in a new way,” the founders write. “We have stripped away everything but the phone itself, the only essential connection that the user needs. The phone is packaged into a smarter design with an interface that respects the user with its simplicity.”


The minimalistic phone is currently seeking backers on Kickstarter, where $100 or more will get you one of the first Light Phones by May 2016.

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