We have photos stored on our phones, in a Dropbox folder and on hard drives, and we’re pretty sure there are quite a few still sitting pretty in our DSLR memory card…


Now what to do with all of those photos? Well, we’ve got an upcoming online class that might help you answer that question.

We teamed up with the lovely ladies of Bloguettes to teach bloggers, creatives and entrepreneurs the basics of Adobe Lightroom. Co-founder, graphic designer and blogger Sakura Considine will teach you how to:

  • Import and organize a large batch of photos.
  • Use the modules and editing tools in Lightroom to make your photos look pretty.
  • Resize and export photos to publish on your blog or hit the print shop.

It’s the perfect course for beginners who want to learn how to quickly get started in photo editing software.


So are you ready to learn how to up your photo-editing game? If you pre-register for the class today, we’ll send you an offer to get the class for $29 (launch price will be $39). Just fill out the form linked below and we’ll send you an email with a code when the class becomes available in the Brit + Co Shop.

Pre-registration for this class closed on on 11/11 at 4pm PT.

What’s your favorite photo editing secret? Share it with us in the comments section below.