Roses are red, violets are blue and when you go searching for a recipe featuring edible flowers, they will fill up your newsfeed. But there’s another edible flower that is regularly passed over, though just as beautiful and fragrant. We’re talking about lilacs here, people. Lilacs are in season, and they make a unique and lovely addition to many recipes. Take a peek at 9 lilac recipes that will win you over.


1. Lilac Cake: Ever thought of decorating a cake with flowers? Lilacs bloom right around Mother’s Day so they’ll be the perfect topper. (via Twigg Studios)

lilac petites fours

2. Lilac Petites Fours: This dainty recipe might just inspire you to plan a full fledge spring tea party for all your lady friends. (via Ricardo Cuisine)


3. Lilac Lemon Fizz Mocktail: Spring is the time to break out all those lemonade recipes. Shake up this mocktail for your next dinner party and your guests will be thanking you. (via The Merrythought)

lilac jelly

4. Lilac Jelly: If you’re expecting some spring houseguests, consider serving this tasty jelly over homemade biscuits for breakfast. (via Culinary Thoughts and Other Things)

lilac sugar

5. Lilac Sugar: When you’ve got some lilac-infused sugar, there isn’t a dessert that shouldn’t have that lovely lilac flavor. Try it on your next cake or in a cup of tea. (via Call Me Cupcake)

lilac cupcakes

6. Lilac Cupcakes: Seriously, aren’t those just gorgeous? We’re going to be trolling the lilac bushes now. (via If in Doubt Bake A Cake)

lilac honey

7. Lilac Honey: Just imagine lilac honey on toast or biscuits or honey cake. We’ll take it all, thanks. (via Healthy Green Kitchen)


8. Lilac Cookies: Okay, so maybe these don’t exactly have lilacs in them, but they sure do look like those beautiful blooms. (via Sweetambs)


9. Blackberry and Lilac Pavlova: Berries and spring lilacs come together for a flavorful meringue that you won’t be able to pass up. (via Katie at the Kitchen Door)

Have you ever done any cooking with lilacs? Share your recipes with us below!