Though it’s a good idea to take time for a little laugh or two (post-election therapy, ftw!), we’re totally aware of how serious the sitch is under President-elect Trump — and we’re certainly not the only ones if the nation-wide protests are any indication. And it’s not just normal folks who are ready to help out — celebs are also stepping up. Amber Tamblyn is donating to Planned Parenthood (in Mike Pence’s name), Lady Gaga jumped up onto a garbage truck to protest and now Lindsay Lohan has a proposition for the future prez: She wants Trump to go with her to Syria.

Lindsay Lohan

A spokesperson for the actress told the Independent that Lindsay “just had an eye-opening experience while she was there visiting and wants to show the whole world what is really happening over there.” Granted, the whole world is a heck of a lot of people to reach, so LiLo is focused on one particular person at the moment.

Reaching out to Trump via Twitter, Lindsay proposed, “@realDonaldTrump please let me help you. #theworldisbiggerthan5 come to Istanbul and Syria with me. You can see it first hand.”

Though the President-elect has yet to respond, you can’t deny that a LiLo + Trump trip to Syria would have plenty of press coverage potential and who knows, maybe Donald would indeed learn a thing or two and have his eyes opened just like Lindsay.

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(h/t Independent; photo via John Phillips/Getty)