Not to be sacrilegious here, but we might have found a toy that is better than LEGOs. Okay, yes, LEGOs are pretty much the most classic toy ever, and no, nothing could truly replace them. But you have to admit, they do have their limitations. They don’t connect on all sides, so you can’t build in just any direction. This is where a new Kickstarter for toy-lovers and game-players everywhere swoops in. Meet the Lini cube.


This new generation toy makes product modeling and building easier than ever before. These little plastic toys are building blocks that have rivets on every side, which allows you to link the cubes together in whatever formation you’d like. Lini cubes come in a set of eleven and cost about $20 a pop. And get this: there are over 105 ways to plug one Lini cube into another.


You could build every letter in the alphabet, create entire panoramas or even build a nifty smartphone stand if you’d like. Pretty much, the world is your oyster. Lini cube still has two days to go on Kickstarter, and it’s already reached $27,592 in support, which far exceeds their original $1,085 goal. People love versatile toys.

Yep, it’s the next generation of building toys.

Check out a video demonstrating the Lini cube below.

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