While we love spending time in our kitchens and creative spaces, living rooms are where we hang with family, entertain friends and watch excessive amounts of television. As Brit Morin explains in her new book, Homemakers, you can style your living room (and dining room too!) to be welcoming and practical for all your hosting duties. Today, we’re sharing tips to make your spot even better by organizing your space from floor to ceiling.

Utilizing All Space

1. Family-Friendly Storage: Cabinets don’t have to stay in the kitchen. This family made their room kid- and parent- approved by adding cabinets. Now their toys are in reach, but the room stays neat and everybody wins. (via Apartment Therapy)

2. Storage Ottoman ($228): Keep books, games and even remotes in a stylish ottoman. Bonus: This cushy version adds a bit of extra seating.

3. Sofa Shelving: This shelving is brilliant — the space behind the couch is no longer wasted. Add low bookshelves around your sofa’s perimeter to tidy up doo-dads and reading material. (via Apartment Therapy)

Give Everything a Home

4. Storage Bin ($38): Rein in all those living-room accessories in a cute wool bin to free up your surfaces. Get a few and use them to stow away photo albums, picture frames and even candles.

5. Organize Cords: Keep cords at bay and prevent them from forming the World’s-Most-Obnoxious-Ball-of-Mess by creating a space for each one in a bin. (via iHeart Organizing)

6. Book and Magazine Rack ($149): Keep reading material handy and let it double as decoration by adding a fun-hued book and magazine rack to the room.

7. Blanket Crate: Draping blankets over your couch can make things feel crowded. Store blankets and extra pillows on the floor, and pull them out when you get chilly or need to take a quick siesta. (via Home Depot)

8. Open Storage Bench ($169): You can have lots on display in your living room, but compartmentalizing books and board games makes the space feel a bit tidier. Play with levels by adding a low bench to your space that also allows you to store essentials.

Show off Collections

9. Double Duty Bookcase ($149): The varied widths of these shelves make this a prime (book)case for keeping small items like succulents in the same place as books and even throws.

10. Hanging Macrame Vases: Go above and beyond in displaying your plants. Make these macrame vases and hang plants on the wall to bring decor to new heights and free up some space in your living room. (via Brit + Co)

11. Revamp Furniture: Giving existing furniture a splash of color is an easy way to add vibrancy back into your space. We love how this book collection was grouped by color. (via The Makerista)

Which room in your place is the most organized? Tell us in a tweet, and don’t forget to preorder Homemakers!