To go open shelving or not to go open shelving? It’s a trend that has been showing up across our Pinterest feeds and even popping up in celeb homes (we’re looking at you, Ellen Pompeo!). Whether the kitchen is just baring a few dishes or going full-fledged cabinet-less, there are a lot of pros to open shelving. Take a look at these 13 kitchens that are proudly showing off their dishes.

1. Replacing Them All: You may be hesitant to trade in your cabinets for open shelving, but when it’s bared for everyone to see, it’ll be extra encouragement to help you keep things organized. (via Dans le Lakehouse)

2. Natural Materials: Butcher block counters are pricey, but you can get the same effect by putting up some open wood shelves to help bring the grain into the kitchen. (via Remodelista)

3. Optimize Space: Shelves aren’t as expensive or bulky as cabinets, making them a great storage alternative for a small kitchen. (via Snug Harbor Bay)

4. Glassware Storage: A few thin shelves can easily provide a new space for your drinkware to hang, which means more cabinet space for your plates and dishes. (via Refinery 29)

5. Creative Molding: Don’t forget that open shelving rests up high, so support is an absolute must. We’re big fans of the pretty molding on these shelves. (via The House That Ag Built)

6. Odd Spaces: Shelves can be easily customized to fit even the oddest spaces in your kitchen, giving you the opportunity for more storage. (via Design Sponge)

7. Colorful Background: Adding wallpaper to the back of your open shelves will give you a pleasing pop of color behind your cups and plates. (via In My Own Style)

8. Kitchen Decorating: Ever had trouble finding a place for a new plant in your kitchen? Shelves allow for cookbook storage and easy plant access. (via Practising Simplicity)

9. Fill Corners: We’ve all found ourselves reaching into the back of an inconvenient cabinet at one point or another. Reach no more with corner shelves. (via Beneath My Heart)

10. Dishes Display: If you’ve got the dishes, don’t be hesitant to put them on display. (via At Home In Love)

11. Pantry Solution: Collect jars from your local thrift store and make some beautiful pantry shelves in your pantry-less kitchen. (via Kathrin)

12. Chalkboard: Putting chalkboard paint behind your open shelves only increases the creativity. It’s a win-win situation. (via Magnolia)

13. Room Divider: Here is the perfect solution for you loft-living peeps. It’s a room divider and storage all in one. Boom. (via Moon to Moon)

What do you think about open shelves? Tell us in the coments below!