A clash of our digital and analog worlds can mean surprisingly great things when it comes to gadgets. We like a slim tablet, dig a crystal clear TV and will NEED the iPhone 6 the nanosecond it’s available, but we’re down for a little nostalgia in other areas of our techy lives — like our cameras. Especially with Lomography’s latest, Lomo’Instant, a camera that makes the shutterbug in us truly buzz.

The camera is like a mashup of our favorite picture-takers of the past and enhancers of today. It combines the instant satisfaction of a Polaroid, the on-call creativity we’ve become accustomed to thanks to filters and effects from our favorite apps, along with lenses, gels and aperture fun like the very first camera we ever clicked. All while maintaining that uber hip vibe emanated by Lomography anything.

The advanced lens system for the Lomo’Instant comes with a built-in wide-angle lens, plus fisheye and portrait attachments to give you the option of taking every type of picture all with one camera. It has two-step focusing and can go from auto-flash to manual modes easily to help you nail that perfect shot. From there, your options for couture moment-capturing only grow.

You’ll want to brush off those photography skills you honed way back in high school and college to tinker with the camera’s color gels and tripod mount. From there, get artsy with your bad self with long or multiple exposures to take photos you’ve only ever dreamed of snapping with an instant. You know those cool pics you’ve seen on Facebook of friends writing their names or drawing hearts in the air with sparklers? Set those up and pop them out with Lomo’Instant. Forget your smartphone’s grainy nighttime images, it takes gorgeous photos in lowlight, at night and lets you get creative while you’re doing it.

The camera may not be pocket size, but portability probably isn’t as high on your list when looking for an instant camera anyway. Eh, it’s just so darn cute we’ll let its heft slide. How cute would this guy look on the table along with the guestbook at a wedding with vintage touches?

As badly as we want it in our lives yesterday, Lomo’Instant is on Kickstarter now for an estimated November delivery. We’re pouting over the fact that we missed the early bird pledges that would have snagged this snapper for a super good deal and arrival in August, but you can still dib one for as low as a $79 pledge. Worth it. Time to stock up on Fujifilm Insta Mini Film… now.

‘Fess up: When’s the last time you used a “real” camera? How about an instant camera? Share your favorites below!