Multiple choice question: Which of these things do we love… Legos. Retro electro. Creative/awesome ideas for DIYing? If you answered D) all of the above, you are correct. And if you can relate, you need to get to know Chris McVeigh a lot better.

He’s an author, illustrator, photographer, Lego builder and self-proclaimed “professional geek” (same!) and, most recently, Chris is the creator of some incredibly cool Lego projects (like the above right!) that bring your first tech toys back to life.

Using Legos, he recreated models of our very first computers, phones and cameras.

Welcome to our new favorite way to go analog.

What’s even better is that Chris’s ideas are all open source. Yup, he shares the tutorials for freeeee or you can buy the kits for all of his inspired masterpieces on his website.

If you brought some littleBits into the mix, you could really bring the tech of yesterday to life today.

Not too far down the line, you know Chris will have his own 3D printing section where you can DL the files and specs to print out the pieces to put together his creations anywhere.

BONUS! You can pre-order his new retro technology kits now, but we vote ordering up one of his equally-adorable food kits to make while you wait…

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever made with Legos? Share with us (pix, pls) below or on Twitter!

(h/t: Colossal)