It’s true, we celebrated with a shopping spree when the fashion powers that be decided that sweatshirts were suddenly acceptable pieces of workwear. Not to mention we’d totally take trouser-style yoga pants on a trip to the office. But the latest leap in cozy-to-chic style may have taken the crossover too far: Lululemon made a tuxedo for one very lucky, very casual groom (+ one very laid-back bride) who’s walking it down the aisle this year.

The athletic apparel brand’s foray into formalwear started when groom-to-be Todd posed a plea for a more comfortable tux alternative on a Lululemon message board. He wrote: “How many people hate to dress up because they get WAY TOO HOT and uncomfortable. I for one do. I’m engaged and getting married soon… LULU DESIGN MY TUX!”

Welp, for better or for worse, Lululemon stepped up to the challenge and months later sent “a box of awesome” Todd’s way. According to thread comments from Lulu designer Cara Sumpton, the ‘till death do they part two-piece suit, called “The Todd Tux,” is made of four-way breathable stretch fabric that doesn’t easily wrinkle. With extra bachelor-approved features like a flask pocket, cigar pocket + reflective pocket square, the soft suit, shown here on a model, is the epitome of low-maintenance lux (though Sumpton did recommend a heavy pressing to get it ceremony-ready).

Needless to say, the groom loved it (Todd hashtagged his swanky sportswear reveal photo with #moveovertoddford), the designer raved that her Insta buds were way jeal and the message board went bonkers with additional requests (no word if any of those will be fulfilled or if those users will be left waiting at the atelier). But we can’t help but wonder, what did Todd’s bride-to-be think? We can only assume that she gave her fiancé the nod of approval while she was stretched into a sturdy tree pose. And why shouldn’t she? After all, traditionally, there’s so much care that goes into making sure the bride is looking + feeling her best on The Big Day, maybe it’s time to give the groom’s disposition the same attention. The Todd Tux does seem like it would be a great option for ultra sporty couples who say their “I Dos” on skis or bicycles, or even as an alternative to looking too stiff when the bride at a beach ceremony can totally get away with wearing a cotton coverup. We’ll even allow a nice new pair of hi-tops. But no shorts, gentlemen.

Ladies (+ dudes), it’s time to sound off: What are your thoughts on the Lulu tux? Could you see it working or is it a total formal faux pas? Tell us in the comments below.

(via Racked)