Ah, the coffee table. It’s a central piece to every living room and you want it to be as functional as it is gorgeous. There’s no denying there are some beauties out there, as well as some quirkier pieces. One Kickstarter is hoping to bring the world the most useful coffee table yet. The Mag Rack offers seamless storage of all your books and magazines for when you actually need the table surface to set your takeout or stash a cocktail between sips.

Traditionally, when an avid reader needs the coffee table surface for something other than piling reading material onto, a massive cleaning has to take place. The Mag Rack table stores all your magazines, books and even mail for you with one swipe of the hand.

There’s a coffee table for everyone (the mixtape coffee table, the ping pong coffee table and the gamer coffee table are great examples of all the pieces pinned to our Dream Living Room Pinterest Board). The Mag Rack table comes in two sizes for whatever size apartment you have; the Mag-Impulse is the smaller of the two with just two slots on one end for holding magazines. The Mag-Ander is a little longer and features double the storage space.

The functional, modular furniture is designed in Austria and is set to ship from hubs in Austria, Canada and Croatia in April 2015. The piece comes in matte or glossy finish and in colors like charcoal, burgundy, coffee or olive and bordeaux, white, nero and mocha. The Mag-Impulse starts at $356 for early birds, but will eventually retail for $711 to $1058, depending on the finish.

What lives on your coffee table? Is there a design that would be more functional for you? Tell us about it in the comments!