When it comes to making crafts, tiny is where it’s at. That’s why we are just a *little* excited to kick off our Make It Mini video series with Better Homes & Gardens. First up on the list, we’re bringing you colorful sugar skulls made with — believe it or not — ping pong balls. That’s right, no baking involved here! Just grab some paints, a few other tiny accessories and you can get the festive Dia de Los Muertos look on your very own.


How adorable is this mini porch scene? You can use these mini skulls to decorate your kiddo’s dollhouse or just add a few to create some seasonal decor for your fairy garden. All it takes is a pinch of dedication, your Netflix queue and a steady hand. Trust that the effort is well worth it, not to mention totally reusable for next year! Pro tip: Be sure to grab some tacky glue to keep the skulls in place.


If tiny scenes aren’t your thing, these little skulls can also be used with twinkle lights to create a colorful Dia de Los Muertos garland that will light up your party and fall decor just right.


Whether you are looking for a little life-sized decor inspiration or just want to watch these mini crafts come to life, the video below will have you ready to craft *all* the tiny decor this holiday season. And tune in next Wednesday for some mini treats that will have your furry friend very, very happy.

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