From your office holiday party to your big New Year’s Eve bash, we know this season has your social calendar packed with tons of soirees. And that means it’s time to whip out your mad skills and experiment with some new makeup techniques! While you’re pulling out your barely used makeup brushes to try out those snazzy new ideas, why not find a fun way to store and display them?

1. Tin Can Upcycle: These are so posh, we find ourselves wanting to eat canned green beans on the daily. (via DIY-Th)

2. Makeup Brush Roll: This roll is especially great for vacations, girls’ nights out and sleepovers with your boo. If sewing isn’t your thing (yet), head on over to Brit+Co’s DIY sewing class with Roxy. (via Your Modern Couple)

3. Peg Board: This makeup and jewelry organizer is nothing that a trip to the hardware store and 20 bucks can’t help you make. (via 36th Avenue)

4. Glass Container: If your brushes are a work of art, show them off in a glass container half-filled with sand or coffee beans. (via Beauty Licieuse)

5. Painted Mason Jar: This bright bauble is sure to make a statement on your dresser. (via Everyday Trish)

6. Repurposed Candle Jars These ombre storage cups are just gorgeous. (via Life Ann Style)

7. Repurposed Faves: Gather ’round your favorite old perfume jars, candle holders, cups and planters… and use them just as they are! (via Beauty High)

8. DIY Aluminum Sheet Holders: A quick craft that looks both expensive and time-consuming… but actually isn’t. (via Sugar and Cloth)

9. Upcycled Tin Can Organizer: Here’s one more stylized way to get your veggies in! May we suggest yellow, pink or teal? (via UpCycled Treasures)

10. Hemp Can DIY: Not so into tin? Cover up that metal with some cozy hemp. (via Bayside Bride)

Which of these projects will you use to store those teeny brow and lip brushes? Share with us in the comments below!