Anything that gives us a reason to get *completely* decked out in green is a good thing in our book. Around this time of year, we’re inspired by budding plants, newly green grass, edible flowers recipes, and basically anything else that’s symbolic of spring. Case in point? Greenery-hued recipes that showcase the color green! These 14 matcha desserts are the perfect palette for your spring food inspo, and — BONUS — they contain TONS of nutrients and antioxidants.

1. Matcha Donut Heaven: Sure, matcha is a healthy ingredient and a bonafide superfood. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use it in donuts. In fact, we highly recommend it.

2. Tea in a Cone: This whipped matcha creaminess is lightly sweet and totally flavorful. Put it in a waffle cone, OR try dipping your cone in chocolate and sprinkling it with — you guessed it — matcha powder.

3. Tiny Tarts: These cute, bite-sized matcha desserts are the stuff of dreams. Made with ricotta, matcha powder, and cream cheese, you’d expect them to be every bit as delicious as they are adorable — and you’d be right.

4. Floral Greenery: This rose-inspired cupcake design is *perfect* for Springtime. Matcha-infused frosting is the icing on the cake. Obviously.

5. Cookies ‘n’ Matcha: These tiny cookies made with matcha powder and vanilla. They taste as good as they look, but good luck eating just one.

6. Crepe Cake: Why yes, this *is* a CAKE MADE OUT OF CREPES. It also happens to be infused with matcha and drizzled with a sweet tea sauce.

7. Top ‘o’ the Mornin’: We can’t help but feel a little bit Irish when we look at these green crumble muffins. They’d be the perfect way to start your morning out right.

8. Cafe Society: This elegant matcha cheesecake would be one of the most impressive desserts you could possibly serve around your table. The two-toned cake is layered with matcha and traditional cheesecake flavors.

9. Matcha Paczki: This is hardly a traditional Polish pastry, but it sure looks like Paczki to us. That is, it’s a fried ball of dough with a sweet cream sauce inside. Whatever you call it, this stuff is DELISH.

10. Seeing Green: We’re totally jealous of whoever gets to eat this stuff. Here’s a hard-serve version of the uber-popular matcha-flavored ice cream.

11. Mini Pies: These homemade, personal-size matcha pies are both adorable AND yummy. Bonus points for adding flavorful salted nuts on top.

12. Matcha Cake Roll: This cake roll is comprised of matcha-flavored cake and frosting for a 100% tea-infused treat. Keep with the matcha theme, or add some color variation with a chocolate frosting. Yummm.

13. Bliss Balls: By combining matcha powder, coconut flakes, and some choice natural sweeteners (think honey or maple syrup), you’ll create one of the Internet’s most popular healthy desserts: Matcha bliss balls. Bonus — many of the recipes out there are totally vegan as well.

14. A Slice of the Pie: There’s enough matcha for everyone in this healthy green dessert. Pass out slices at ladies’ brunch and savor alongside a pot of piping hot coffee.

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