Melissa McCarthy is a lot of things: brilliant comedian, bankable action star and all-around awesome human being. And as we’ve all heard by now, much to our collective glee, she’s officially added another title to her multi-hyphenate career: bona fide fashion maven. We gave you a sneak peek at her first collection, called Melissa McCarthy Seven7, just a few weeks ago, and now it can be yours. Prior to her initial online rollout at Nordstrom and HSN this week (with Macy’s soon to follow), she dropped by the set of HSN and brought with her a handful of models to show off her flawless designs.

Melissa McCarthy Debuts First Fashion Collection, "Melissa McCarthy Seven7" Live On HSN, In St. Petersburg, FL

Melissa isn’t just another celebrity slapping her name on a label, by the way. She has a design background all her own, having attended the Fashion Institute of Technology alongside her good friend, high-end shoe designer Brian Atwood. She says its been her lifelong dream to become a fashion designer, and now, it’s finally happening.


The line ranges from sizes 4-28, and from what we’ve seen of it so far, it is F-I-E-R-C-E. With lots of versatile separates that can easily go from day to night, it favors high-contrast prints, with black-and-white patterns as well as a few jewel tones here and there to mix things up. Scroll on for five of our favorite looks you’ll want to snatch up.


1. We’re not sure a top can get any cuter. We’re loving this delicious pin tuck shirt ($89) with heart sketches and blouson sleeves over tight black pants.


2. But then again, this asymmetrically printed drawstring blouse ($89) is pretty great. The silhouette ensures that you’ll stay glam and comfortable — a win-win!


3. You can’t not love a bold, checkered black and white pencil skirt ($79) that’s perfect for both the office and post-work drinks.


4. Say hello to an embellished shift tunic ($89) is classic and edgy at the same time with its stud-spangled detailing and swirly skirt.


5. This classic boho combo of white tee, fringed, open cardigan ($118) and ripped jeans is calling our name.

Really, there’s nothing not to adore about this line, although we’ll admit we’re hoping to heaven that the gorgeous dress Melissa wore to the Spy premiere this spring magically makes its way onto the racks too.

As more pieces make their debut between now and September 1, Melissa says a lot of her clothes will have two of her favorite things: pockets and sleeves. She told People in June, “I was actually told once [by a manufacturer she’s not working with now], ‘Plus-size women do not want sleeves, in any capacity.’ I was like, ‘Are you crazy? That’s not accurate! I am plus-size, and I want them, I have friends who are size 26 and size 8 and they want a sleeve! Very few things [in Seven7] don’t have sleeves. My stuff has sleeves, my stuff has pockets, you can count on that.”

Melissa McCarthy Seven7 will continue its forward march in the weeks to come, and sleeves or no sleeves, we can’t wait to see what comes next.

What’s your favorite piece of the collection so far? Spill in the comments below!

(Photos: Gerardo Mora/Getty Images for HSN, Melissa McCarthy Seven7)