We were so stoked when the GIF keyboard was released, and we were just as excited when we discovered Bitmoji could cartoonify us and we could all start using our caricatures as emojis. And now we’re screaming over the fact that we found the love child of Bitmoji and a GIF keyboard; it’s called Memoji, and we’re already hooked.


From sexy salsa flamenco girl to cat emoji, do you have what it takes to bring these emojis to life? Memoji requires you to record short GIFs of yourself for each emoji on the standard emoji keyboard. So you end up with a keyboard that is preset with all your fabulous facial expressions, which you can then send to all your friends. This must-have keyboard was created by former Apple engineer Johnny Lin, and was released just last week. We’re not going to lie: We’ve been texting everyone with the Memoji keyboard all week long. Sorry, emoji keyboard, we might’ve found a new love.

Download Memoji for free from the App Store or help them with a little beta testing action if you’re rocking an Android.

Which keyboard is your favorite? Emoji, GIF or Memoji?