You guys, gifs are no longer only for funny, quirky replies to your friends’ comments on social media and texts. They’re slowly breaking free of the digital universe’s restraints and coming out into the real world. You might’ve seen some “gif-fiti” works by anonymous street artist INSA, but have you seen his latest piece? He has created the world’s largest GIF, and it’s totally psychedelic!


With 619,000 square feet of a blank concrete canvas, a timeline of four days and a helping hand from 20 peeps, Team INSA was able to create a one-second animation through a series of pictures taken by a satellite, hovering 430 miles above Earth. How awesome is that?


If you’ve ever seen any of INSA’s graffiti around Portugal, London, Miami, LA or Gambia, be sure to download the GIF-ITI Viewer App (free on iOS) in order to bring the piece of art to life. Check out some of our favorites below!


Which piece was your fave? Where do you want INSA to create his next work of art? Let’s talk in the comments!