What鈥檚 the difference between people who effortlessly get raises, fast-track their careers, grow their income year by year, save for retirement, and overall seem to attract money like a magnet, and the rest of us who seem to just鈥 never quite get there?

One thing: a solid money mindset.

Our beliefs, which create that mindset, are so deeply ingrained within us that it鈥檚 hard to shift them without conscious awareness of the common misconceptions we hold on to. Here are five key money blocks that keep us stuck in a scarcity mentality instead of an abundant and prosperous state of mind.

鈥淏ut I need to learn more!鈥

The husband of a friend of mine recently went for a job interview (which would have been a step up in his career) and didn鈥檛 hear back. His response? 鈥淚 probably want more money than they鈥檝e got.鈥 Contrast this with another friend of mine who went for a job interview 鈥 a purely lateral move. She didn鈥檛 hear back either. But instead of brushing it off and refusing to take it personally, she kept asking herself questions like, 鈥淚s it because I don鈥檛 have X or Y skill? Do I need to obtain that? What am I missing?鈥

Did you know that Rachael Ray not only has no college degree, but no on-paper qualifications whatsoever in the culinary arts? Unless you鈥檙e attempting a step up that requires a mandatory certification you haven鈥檛 finished yet, you know enough already! You just have to confidently project the experience and smarts that you鈥檙e working with right now.

鈥淚鈥檓 not good enough.鈥

The common feeling of not being good enough keeps us stuck in many ways 鈥 financially being a large one. It鈥檚 easy to focus on our mistakes at work versus our wins, and this keeps us playing small. It means we don鈥檛 ask for a raise. We don鈥檛 open up the dialogue with our boss to talk career acceleration. We don鈥檛 give even credence to our creativity and launch that side hustle.

You are good enough! Look how far you鈥檝e come already! As soon as you remind yourself of this on the regular, it鈥檚 remarkable what you can begin manifesting.

鈥淥ther people are more successful/brighter/more talented than me.鈥

The comparison game is an ugly one 鈥 most of all because the majority of comparison is exaggerated and unreal. We have no idea what鈥檚 truly going on behind the scenes in other peoples lives. I know a New York Times best-selling author who is struggling and a prominent startup CEO in NYC who scrambles to make her rent payment every single month.

All you must do is focus on your own talents. Own your strengths. Own what you do well. Think 鈥 what great feedback have you had from colleagues and managers? What areas of your life are you most competent and capable in? Whatever you focus on expands, so choose your focus wisely.

鈥淚鈥檓 not ready!鈥

Let me let you in on a little secret: No one actually feels ready. Ever. They just move forward anyway and learn as they go. Richard Branson said, 鈥淚f somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes 鈥 then learn how to do it later!鈥

We are as ready as we make up our minds we are.

鈥淢aking money is a struggle.鈥

One of the biggest myths we are taught is that making money has to be all blood, sweat, and tears. What if that were not true? What if making money could be enjoyable, fun鈥 even easy? The people I coach who make the most financially relish their work. They are full of ideas. They love collaborating, creating, doing.

Could this be true for you too鈥 if you let it be? Or can it inspire you to try something new 鈥 exploring a different field, a change of position, a side hustle opportunity you鈥檝e been considering? The great news is that meeting (and earning!) your potential is up to you. And all that matters is what you decide to do right now.

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