The Rio Olympics brought us so much more than just the world’s best athletes coming together for the love of sport. While American swimmer Ryan Lochte was causing international scandal, his teammate Michael Phelps was giving us some serious comedy. Within minutes of the footage hitting the airwaves, Phelps’ game face became an international meme. Now that the games are over, Phelps is finally able to explain his face — and we’re loving it.

During his interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Michael says he knew as soon as he was into his groove that it was being filmed and that it would immediately come back to bite him. Jimmy presented him with a life-sized cut-out of the famous face, and they discussed Rio, as well as the fact that Phelps’ game face is now super well-known.

Swimming - Olympics: Day 8

The pair also mocked Lochte for his scandal, with Jimmy saying, “Other people chose other things to do,” before discussing Phelps hanging out in Rio with his soon-to-be wife and their baby.

While Phelps has retired from swimming, we definitely think that he’s got the swag and good humor to become a sportscaster — don’t you?

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(Photo via Clive Rose/Getty)