With the Olympics firmly underway, the Internet’s been going gaga over basically everything they can get their hands on. While there are some amazing women repping the US at the games, America’s top swimmer Michael Phelps is back this year and creating a buzz beyond his incredible Olympic record. The swimmer’s pre-race death stare is what’s got people dying all over Twitter, so sit back with your fave Brazilian cocktail and enjoy the savage reactions to Phelps’ Angry Face.

Some people combined Phelps with other popular memes:

While some noticed an eerie similarity between Phelps and famous movie villains:

#PhelpsFace can even stand in for your feelings on your fave TV show

And, of course, our feelings on that Frank Ocean record that’s never coming:

Finally, someone (rightfully) pointed out that this face perfectly can sum it all up:

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(Picture via Quinn Rooney/Getty)