It was bound to happen eventually, right? Microsoft has come up with an answer to the Apple Watch, and you know what? It’s pretty darn cool. The Microsoft Band, which also calls to mind the FitBit and other daily activity trackers, connects to Microsoft Health, an app for your phone that helps you keep track of your fitness habits.

The dark rubber bracelet has a clear, curved screen for an easy-to-see display. It connects to its corresponding health app and tracks your heart rate, steps, calories burned and sleep quality. It also sends alerts and email previews right to your wrist and features Cortana, Windows’ answer to Siri.

The coolest thing about this new app and band is that you don’t necessarily need a Windows phone to run it. The app is compatible with iPhone and Android, working on multiple platforms.

So why buy the band over any other fitness tracker out there? Well, word on the street is that this will act more like a personal trainer than the other mainstream options, not to mention it looks super slick, all while integrating health improvements into your daily life. It promises to constantly learn about you, adjusting needs and reminders to guide you through workouts and training. And at $200, it’s a little (okay, a TON) more affordable than that rose gold Apple Watch of your eye.

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