We’re always looking for new high-tech ways to say healthy (have you seen our favorite new workout app, Sworkit, yet?), and tracking goals is proven to be a big motivator. Hence why using a smart scale is a no-brainer. For those that don’t know, a “smart scale” is one that has wifi connectivity and therefore able to log your weight online (or in an app) so that you can monitor and chart it over time. We’ve tested many of them for ourselves and have come up with our three favorites. Each of the three below has something that makes it stand out from its competitors. Read on for more details that may help you weigh your decision ;)

Wahoo Balance

1. Wahoo Balance ($99): This is the most basic of the three. It tracks your weight and BMI (body mass index), and syncs automatically with a dedicated app on your phone via Bluetooth. It also works with third-party fitness apps so you won’t have to switch from a routine you already love. One of the best features with this one is that it allows you to set up different profiles for each member of your family. You can each track your goals on your own phone, making it possible to keep your weight private from anyone else.

FitBit Aria

2. FitBit Aria ($130): I’ve told you about the Aria before, and it’s still a favorite. In fact, this is actually the scale that I now use on a regular basis. The best part is that it syncs with any of your FitBit activity trackers, so not only will the FitBit app show you if you’re reaching your weight goals, but you’ll also be able to track the days and activities that made a difference. (AKA the days you ate way more pizza than you intended vs. the days you ate fruit and salads.) The Aria gives you a complete picture of how active you are on a daily basis coupled alongside the results!

Withings Smart Body Analyzer

3. Withings Smart Body Analyzer ($150): In addition to syncing with the Withings Activity tracker, this scale gives you info that none of the others provide. When you step on the scale, it measures your heart rate through your feet. Say what!? Pretty cool, huh? It also can help you get a better night’s sleep by monitoring the air quality in your bedroom. Who knew a scale could measure so much?

Do you use a smart scale? Why or why not? Tell us about how you keep your weight in check in the comments, or find us on Twitter!