It’s been a difficult week for Millie Bobby Brown. On Thursday, the young star shut her Twitter account down after experiencing cyberbullying in the form of a homophobic meme. Now, the 14-year-old is being forced to forgo her scheduled appearance at Monday night’s MTV Movie & TV Awards due to a serious injury.

The fashionista, who took home last year’s Best Actor in a Show award, took to Instagram with a few new accessories — namely, a pair of crutches and a leg brace — to let fans know that she would be absent on this year’s red carpet after splitting her kneecap. Ouch!

“Hi guys. So um, another milestone in my life,” she declared. “I’ve never actually broken a bone… except for now. I have split my kneecap! So, from the doctor’s orders, he told me to rest up, and that means I won’t be attending the MTV Awards this weekend.”

Though the Stranger Things star didn’t reveal how the nasty injury happened or whether or not it will affect filming of season 3, she did make sure to send plenty of love to her co-stars, celebrating their seven (!!) show nominations.

“…I hope Gaten, Caleb, Finn, Sadie and Noah have THE best time,” the sweet starlet gushed. “I love them so dearly, so I wish you guys the best and I’m sending my luck with you. And I’ll be there in spirit. Love you guys so much and peace out,” she concluded, throwing up a peace sign.

Brown is nominated for Best Actor in a Show once more, as well as Best Kiss with Finn Wolfhard.

Get well soon, Millie!

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(Photo via Charley Galley/Getty)