Long gone are the days of the classic red manicure. Sure, that鈥檚 still a solid option, but now when you head to the nail salon you can choose to try out everything from coffin nails to negative space nails to splatter manis. Basically, your hands are a blank canvas for whatever sort of nail art makes your heart happy. But if you鈥檙e looking for a trendy manicure that鈥檚 just as cute as it is functional, we suggest you give mirror nails a try.

The newest trend taking over finger nails everywhere is actually pretty straightforward. Known as chrome nails or mirror nails, the silver polish paints a super reflective coat that not only looks sleek but can double as a built-in compact mirror. Okay, maybe not quite but sort of?

If you鈥檙e dying to try out this look ASAP, grab a bottle from OPI, Sally Hansen or NARS, or you can even ditch the messy bottle for some metallic nail wraps.

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