There is so much going on right now at CES 2015, that we almost can’t type to you about it fast enough. One of the first things we did when we arrived to the show in Las Vegas (after trying our hand at some slots… um, what?) was to hunt out all of the wearables. When we saw the Misfit booth we were thinking, “Score! Wearable central.” After all, Misfit brought us the Shine and the Bloom pendant so that we could track our activities and look elegant doing it. Then they brought us the Flash so that we could track our fitness without charging. But their next big device isn’t anything that you can wear and we can’t say we’re disappointed.


The newest tech to come from Misfit is a light bulb, but by now you gotta know that it’s more than just a light bulb, right? It’s a smart bulb. Joining the ranks of Alba and Avea is the Misfit Bolt, but here’s where it outshines (please indulge the pun) the others.


It Works With Wearables: Misfit isn’t letting their line of wearables get left in the dark. With its mattress sleep tracker Beddit and their fitness and activity trackers, you can program Bolt to work with your Misfit wearables and wake you up with the warm glow of “daylight” or even with a simulated sunrise if you want. It can also fade the lights as you’re falling asleep.


All You Need Is the App: Once you get the bulb, there’s no need to deal with super complicated smartphone hubs to control your bulbs. After all, that kind of takes the smartness from the bulbs and leaves it to you. With Bolt, you can operate your lights completely from your phone through a Bluetooth connection and the Misfit Home app (that one’s coming soon — here’s their current app on Android and iOS).


You Can Pick a Scene: Bolt has pre-set “scenes” that light up different color patterns for your mood. You can relax in a forest or “turn up” in a night club setting. The bulbs have the capability for millions of color combinations! (Psst: WE LOVE COLOR BTW.)

bolt packaging

It’s Affordable: For one bulb, you’re only out $50 and if you want to really take a plunge into the world of smart lighting, you’ll save $20 on a three pack at $130.

You can get Misfit Bolt in your sockets as soon as mid-February but if you just can’t wait, you can pre-order it right now. We’re still scanning the tradeshow floor for 2015’s best new tech so come back for more from Brit + Co @ CES 2015!

Would these glowing beauties help you make the switch to smart bulbs? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!