Shine bright like a wearable — wait, what? Yes, the latest décolletage-draping device turning our heads is Misfit’s Shine, a disc-shaped tracker trying to give the trendy techy another way to make wearables a “Do.” As Treasurer of the Committee For Finer Female-Favoring Wearables, we applaud Misfit for offering a more rockable way to wear their ‘able with the Bloom Necklace:

The idea behind Shine is that you can wear it anywhere and to do anything. It’s a little disc meant to track your active life, but it’s stylish enough that you can wear it no matter what “active” means to you that day. Misfit makes different accessories that you can clip Shine into so you can take it walking, dancing, swimming or sleeping.

There’s a lot going on in each little disc. It’s water-resistant so you can wear it while you swim laps… or not sweat it if you accidentally throw it in the laundry. Bluetooth connects it to your smartphone and its very handy companion app. A processor tracks biometrics and connects you to your personal health. A high intensity motion sensor monitors your activity. LEDs light up to show you progress on your goals and tells the time.

Sync it to your smartphone to set goals and track stats, then compare your personal trends and get insights into what all that info really means for you on a pretty and pretty thorough panel of your daily and weekly goals, highlights and milestones.

Each Shine sells for $120 and comes in Grey, Jet, Topaz and Champagne with a few necklace and watchband holder options sold separately. We like the sleek design of Shine itself but it definitely makes a statement worn as the Bloom Necklace ($80). While a pendant might not be everyone’s style, they sell a sportier band, a more luxe leather band and even shirts and socks that can stash Shine.

We thought we found a fab wearable for the techy Mothers’ Day gift of our dreams, but the Bloom Necklace and Misfit’s Mother’s Day Set is already sold out. Next year, moms! We’re bummed, but excited about what this means… women are buying wearables! Demand = supply and we’re excited for the next batch.

Would you wear Shine? If you were rocking a wearable, would you rather have it on your wrist or as a necklace?