There’s no doubt that we’re totally into the best budget buys at Whole Foods (yes, Whole Foods!), as well as hacks to save money at our fave kale and quinoa-peddling store. But now we’re totally ready to blow our budgets (and our health-focused diets), because Whole Foods is now bringing us mochi ice cream. Oh yum!

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If you’re not sure what mochi ice cream is yet, you’re definitely missing out. I’s an absolutely delicious Japanese creation of ice cream surrounded by pounded sticky rice and shaped into handy rounded treats.

Sound like something you wanna try? Good! Because Whole Foods has just announced that mochi ice cream is one of their newest additions, with a drool-worthy pic on Instagram. The company also added a message explaining that Illinois’ recently relocated Wheaton store now features “a beautiful self-serve #MOCHI bunker,” which honestly could not sound any sweeter.

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Mochi galore!

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Also spotted in Fremont, California, they almost look too perfect to eat… almost.

Appearing to offer around seven or eight different flavors (including strawberry, peanut butter and green tea), we can’t wait for these treats to come to other locations around the country so we can sink our teeth into them. Mmm!

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(h/t Refinery29, photos via Getty, Whole Foods)